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4 questions to ask before buying a lakefront home

Lake Living Series

Waterfront homes offer gorgeous surroundings and a unique sense of tranquility. This is why the market for these properties is so competitive.

When you shop for a lakefront house, make sure the property is worth its premium price tag by asking – and getting answers to – the following questions:

  1. Why do I want a lakefront house?

    A lake house can be your dream home, a soothing escape for the occasional vacation, or a lucrative rental property. Being clear about how you want to use the property can help you weigh your considerations between must-have and optional property features.

  2. What activities am I allowed to do with the property and the waterfront area?

    Whether you will reside in the home or eventually rent it out, it’s important to understand how much access you have to the surrounding waterfront area. Is private boating allowed? How about fishing? Ask your Realtor about related local ordinances.

  3. What is the neighborhood like?

    Like any other home purchase, a visit to the neighborhood prior to closing the deal is always a good idea. You’ll get acquainted with your neighbors ahead of time, observe the local lifestyle, and personally check out homeowner rules and regulations.

  4. What do I need to maintain the property?

    Because of its greater exposure to the elements, a lakefront home endures more wear and tear than typical houses. Learn about insurance, home maintenance tasks you can do on your own, and routine maintenance services offered in your neighborhood. Plan for these costs accordingly.

North Carolina’s Research Triangle boasts plenty of idyllic lakefront areas that you can call home. If you’re looking for one in Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, or other surrounding communities, browse the site to check out your housing options. For inquiries, call me at 919-210-8388 or send me an email at MattPeedin(at)KW(dotted)com.