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4 ways to maximize your basement, attic, and garage storage

Open Garage Interior

If you feel that your house is starting to get a little too cluttered, it’s time to put your basement, attic, and garage to better use. Here are 4 expert tips to make the most out of these spaces as your go-to storage solutions at home:

  1. Safety first

    Before beginning any work in the attic or basement, take time to ensure that the stairs and doorways are clear of any hazards. You should also sweep the floors and check dark corners for exposed nails or other potential injury risks.

  2. Consider the possible risks of using these areas for storage

    You’ll likely stop paying attention to the things you keep in storage as soon as they’re put away, so make sure that your storage space won’t ruin your belongings over time. Before stashing your stuff, check for risks involving extreme temperatures and humidity, flooding, and rodents and other pests.

  3. Figure out what you can store given your storage room’s conditions

    When you already know the risk factors involved in your storage space, you can organize your things accordingly. Personal and delicate items, such as clothes, photos, and important documents belong in low-risk spaces, whereas more durable items like suitcases, trunks, Christmas decorations, and toys outgrown by kids can be stored in less than ideal conditions.

  4. Brighten up your storage spaces

    When you have a hard time seeing things, you’ll have a similarly hard time getting things done. Increase the lighting in your basement, attic, and garage. Not only will this improve visibility, it will also make these spaces seem larger and more pleasant to be in.

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