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Home design trends for 2018

Architect, interior designer working at worktable with color swatch, sketch

Feeling the need to update your home’s style? Check out some of the latest home design trends of 2018:

Bright and vibrant colors

A departure from subdued and neutral colors of previous years, this year’s trend focuses on brighter and more vibrant hues. The use of bold colors can be done everywhere from the walls, giving the room a lively vibe, to furniture pieces that accent one’s space with pops of color.

Vibrant colors can also be seen in bathrooms with the use of color-blocked tiles. Creating high-contrast patterns and designs makes the space feel dynamic without being disjointed.

Adventurous prints

From geometric to floral, the use of adventurous prints is all the rage. Although floral patterns and geometric shape prints are not new, what makes this year’s trend different is the style in which they are being presented.

Floral patterns have evolved from small, simple, and repetitive designs to large-scale flowers that look like they’ve come straight from an artist’s sketchbook. The flower proportions in these prints are more exaggerated with contrasting color, making the overall design look more modern. Some even try for a more tropical pattern that not only features palm fronds and other brightly-colored plants but animals as well.

This year’s style of geometric prints is bolder and with a more dramatic presence than the ones of previous years because of the bolder use of color and oversized patterns.

Exposed lighting

A step back from trends of previous years, exposed lighting is making its way back into popularity. Statement light fixtures add another depth into the room and could also be used to tie the room together. Exposed lighting is limitless from hanging chandeliers to simple vintage pendants and sconces in a variety of finishes.

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