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8 tips for boosting your curb appeal

Brand new suburban house

Making a strong first impression can help you fetch a rewarding deal for your property. Use these 8 tips to make your home’s curb appeal an instant selling point:

  1. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes

    Walk around your neighborhood and take note of the parts and elements of the neighbors’ homes that seem “off” – things that need repairing, cleaning or replacing. Do the same with your house and look at the property using an outsider’s perspective to identify the parts that you need to clean, fix, or update.

  2. Get fresh eyes to look at your property

    Ask a neighbor to take a look at your curb, too. They may spot certain defects that have become too familiar for you to notice, like chipped paint, cobwebs, and cracked steps.

  3. Learn when and how to take the best photos

    Today, 9 out of 10 home buyers begin their home search online. This makes high-quality photography an important piece of your selling strategy.  If you’re taking photos on your own, learn the best times to shoot (e.g. the “golden hour” just after sunrise or before sunset) and the best angles to put the beauty of your house on full display.

  4. Pay attention to your roof

    Just because it’s not in your direct line of sight, it doesn’t mean that your roof goes unnoticed among buyers. Have yours shingles cleaned, or replaced if necessary, before any buyer visits.

  5. Add color to your front yard
  6. If you need an instant boost to your front yard, the right choice of decorative foliage will do the trick. Look for annual plants that bloom any time of year.

  7. Update your house numbers

    Make your home easy to find by cleaning or updating your house numbers. Consider the design of the home to make sure that the numbers pop out against the wall or front door without being an eyesore.

  8. Pressure wash

    Give your sidings, deck, paths, and driveway a good scrub with a trusty pressure wash. If you don’t own a pressure washer, rent one or hire a professional washer.

  9. Make things bright

    Light gives a home’s aesthetic appeal a huge boost. Open shutters and curtains to let natural light brighten up interior spaces during a visit – and look good from the outside, too. You can also install exterior lights that highlight the best portions of your front yard, porch, and paths.

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