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Cool and unique things to doin Durham, NC

Goat Yoga

Do you want to see Durham, NC in a new and exciting way? Avoid the usual tourist traps and visit these fun and unusual places in the area:

Duke Lemur Center
3705 Erwin Road

Find the largest and most diverse collections of lemurs outside of Madagascar at the Duke Lemur Center, as facility that has been around for over 50 years. Its focus is on the research and biological conservation of the most endangered animal on the planet.

The center receives around 32,000 visitors every year. It provides guided tours where you can observe and learn more about 10 different species of lemurs. After the tour, go to the gift shop and buy lemur-themed shirts, caps, and stuffed toys.

V&E Simonetti Historic Tuba Collection
1825 Chapel Hill Road

Discover the rich history of the tuba and other related instruments in the tuba family at V&E Simonetti Historic Tuba Collection. Vincent and Ethel Simonetti started their tuba collection in 1965 and over time, they have accumulated over 300 instruments.

Aside from tubas, their collection also has saxhorns, euphoniums, sousaphones, and ophicleides. The museum records the tuba’s evolution since its invention in the 1830s.

The museum is open for public viewing by appointment only. Museum hours are Tuesdays to Thursdays 3 PM until 6 PM. There are no admission fees but donations are accepted. Visits during non-museum hours require an appointment and a minimum donation of $25.

Yin Yoga with goats at Hux Family Farm
1923 Shaw Road

Experience yoga with a twist at Hux Family Farm. Their Yin Yoga gives you all the energizing and relaxing benefits of a usual yoga class but is made even better with goats.

Throughout the entire lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to play with and cuddle the farm’s therapy goats. You can also feed the goats before and after the class. Each class costs $23 per person and lasts for an hour. Everyone from yoga newbies to seasoned yogis aged seven and above is welcome to join.

Whether you want to relax, explore, learn, or even drink, Durham got it all for you!

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