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Create the Home You’ve Always Wanted When Your House Is Less Than Perfect

Create the Home You’ve Always Wanted When Your House Is Less Than Perfect

Sometimes you find your dream house, and sometimes that house is not quite perfect. Stepping into your new home for the first time is one of the most exciting moments in your life, but it might not have everything that you want. It’s a common story for new homeowners. Many homeowners realize that they can add on other features later, so they settle for a place that’s just good enough because it fits into their budget. Here are five reasons and ways to transform your new home into exactly what you want.


  1. Spacing


Open floor plans are popular in newer homes, but older homes weren’t built for openness. Older homes have more walls, hallways, and partitions to create separation, therefore making the house feel smaller. Back in the day, the kitchen was separated from the rest of the house because it was a place to work rather than socialize. Many modern homeowners are knocking down walls in the kitchen to create an open living space that bridges the divide between the eating and entertaining areas.


  1. Flow


With proper spacing comes flow. One way to improve the flow of the rooms is to remove tight corners and widen doorways so that the home feels larger and more open. Better flow means better energy and more of a community feeling, rather than the isolation created by enclosed spaces.


  1. Storage


Most homeowners could use more storage space. Isn’t that one of the reasons you bought a home in the first place? Sometimes there simply isn’t enough space inside your home and you need an external structure like a garage to store cars, tools, and extra items. Garages are ideal places to store equipment used for the outdoors, such as leaf blowers and lawn mowers, so that dirt doesn’t get inside the house. The external storage space will also reduce the clutter inside your house by providing a place for things you don’t need every day, such as seasonal items. It’s cheaper to build a garage using steel instead of lumber or concrete. Steel is more durable and easier to build with, and it comes with fewer foundational problems.


  1. Function


Another big reason to renovate a home is to improve its functionality. Families who like to entertain guests might consider adding a kitchen island for food preparation, or installing a second oven for hosting and cooking large meals. Others might choose to add a dedicated play area for the kids, a half bathroom downstairs, an en-suite master bathroom, larger closets, or another room to serve as an office or guest bedroom.


  1. Cosmetics


Cosmetic renovations might not seem necessary, but they can make an outdated home feel new and modern. Remodels typically happen in kitchens and bathrooms and can include new countertops, stainless-steel sinks, upgraded cabinets and fixtures, and art deco tiles for a backsplash. Painting, lighting, and flooring can make a big difference to a home’s feel as well. Some homeowners are opting to rip out old carpets and replace them with wood flooring. They’re also ditching old lighting fixtures for contemporary chandeliers, pendant lights, lamps, and recessed or track lighting for the ceiling.


Buying a home that needs work isn’t a bad thing. While it does mean that your home may not meet your standards right away, it also means that you get to save money on the purchase and turn it into the home that you want. Think of it like customizing your house without having to build one from scratch. Structural changes can actually be a saving grace that turns a mediocre building into the home of your dreams.