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How to price your home

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Putting the right price tag on your home is crucial if you want it to sell as quickly as possible. You don’t want to overprice your home and turn off buyers, but you don’t want to undervalue it either and create the impression that there might be something wrong with it. The wrong price could leave your home sitting unsold for longer than you want it to.

Find out how to price your home right by following these tips:

  • Compare it to similar homes in the area

    A great way to start pricing your home is by looking at similar properties in the neighborhood. This will give you an idea of your home’s general price range and could help you find a competitive advantage. Always pay attention to the location of the properties because similar properties in different areas could have greatly varying prices.

  • Look at past sales

    It’s a good idea to look at what homes have sold in your neighborhood or areas similar to yours. Find out how much they sold for and compare them to what the seller wanted in the first place by looking at the listing prices. You can find out a lot about the local market by evaluating the asking price and the final sales price.

  • Get a real estate agent

    Save yourself the stress and confusion of pricing your home by getting a real estate agent to help you out. A real estate agent knows about prevailing market conditions and how your home compares to others out there. Not only will they help you get the price of your home right on the first try, but you’ll also have an expert you can consult for any questions or concerns.

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