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Luxury home remodeling ideas

Drawing renovation of a luxury bathroom

Adding luxury features to your home is a brilliant concept that not only improves your quality of life but adds to your home’s value. Give your home that upgrade with these genius remodeling ideas:

Make your kitchen sleek and modern

The best place to start your luxury remodelling is at the heart of the home – the kitchen. Give it a fresh new look by replacing old flooring with big slabs of granite or travertine to limit seams. Get some top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances and complement them with dark wood cabinets.

Open up your kitchen by taking down walls and putting in a spacious kitchen island instead. This kitchen island can double as a casual hangout area. Maximize this space by building a wine chiller, trash compactor or cooling drawers inside.

Go the extra mile and have your contractor rewire the whole kitchen with brand-new lighting fixtures, quad outlets, and a multimedia network.

Get a spa bathroom

Transform your bathroom into your personal sanctuary of relaxation. A spa bathroom isn’t just a largespace with a bathtub. A truly luxurious bathroom is equipped with features like a large steam shower, soaking tub, sauna, radiant heated floors, heated towel rails, and more.

Your bathroom should be a place that truly caters to your personal tastes. From the color of the tiles to the little accessories around the space, your spa bathroom should be a place of serenity where you can wash all your troubles away.

Create an outdoor living area

Don’t limit your luxury remodel to the inside of the home. Outdoor living areas are among the most sought-after luxury amenities today. By creating a seamless flow between your inner and outer living spaces, you’re making your home feel more spacious with more room to grow.

Turn your patio into the perfect gathering place for friends and family with comfortable sitting and an outdoor kitchen complete with prep stations and sinks. Or you can give your backyard a makeover by putting in a resort-style pool or an outdoor spa.

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