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Thinking of selling your property in the Triangle areas of Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Morrisville, Garner, Durham or Clayton? Take a deep breath and sit down for a while. Clarify your motivations and draw up a timeframe before taking the plunge.

Why do you want to sell your property?

Be clear about the reasons why you want to sell your home. Do you want to move to a bigger one or do you plan to relocate to another neighborhood, city, or state? Your reasons will affect your decisions about your lifestyle and finances. When you let us in on your plans, we can find the best option that meets your lifestyle, financial, and real estate goals.

The perfect time to sell 

Drawing up a time frame will help us come up with a strategy to sell your property in no time. Our complete market analysis and action plan will help you achieve your goals if you need to move quickly. If you can afford to take your time, we’ll make a thorough review of current market conditions in order to determine the perfect time to sell your property. Here in the Triangle, the best time to sell is usually during spring and summer.

Know the market

If you choose to work with us, we’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the marketplace, particularly with the sale of comparable properties in your particular area. Knowing the market allows us to price your property correctly and sell it quickly.

Optimize your finances

A home sale will have a significant impact on your finances. We will help you predict the expected potential proceeds and come up with effective tax savings and estate planning strategies. It’s about helping you get the best return on your investment.


Why work with Matt?

Take full advantage of your opportunities in the current real estate market by working with Matt. His knowledge of the Triangle area and its many real estate markets runs deep and he has the skills and experience to create the best marketing and advertising strategies for your property. He will be with you every step of the way, from drawing up the initial agreement to closing the sale.

The Agent Checklist

Here are some of the things you should consider when you’re looking for a listing agent:

1. Experience. You want an agent who is tech-savvy, armed with expertise in innovative marketing and advertising strategies, and who knows the region and its real estate markets well.

2. Education. An agent who takes the time to continuously improve his knowledge and skillset is passionate about what he does and will go the extra mile for you.

3. Commitment. How much time and effort will your agent commit to selling your property? If they’re not going to be there for you 100% then your home may not get the necessary exposure it needs. You will want to work with someone that you can easily reach and who is capable of moving fast and responding quickly to buyers’ inquiries.

4. Rapport. You’re going to be working closely with your agent, which is why it’s important that you choose one that you can get along with and who will look out for your best interests.

Know Your Property’s Worth

Consulting with a professional will allow you to correctly estimate the value of your property and avoid the pitfall of overpricing it. An agent will bring much-needed experience and perspective.


You don’t need to go all out to increase your property’s appeal. However, you can definitely make improvements that will create a great and lasting impression on prospective buyers.

  1. The Yard. An immaculate front yard with brilliant green grass will catch the eyes of passers-by and potential home buyers. You can improve your landscaping by adding a few touches of color.
  2. Property Repairs. A fresh coat of paint in neutral colors effectively depersonalizes any room. Make necessary repairs on things such as broken hinges, etc.
  3. Spruce Up. Simple improvements such as replacing the curtains, placing a vase of fresh flowers on a table, and having the carpets cleaned can instantly transform a room. A clean and uncluttered space is attractive to prospective homebuyers as it allows them to see themselves in the space. Before listing your property for sale, your agent will scan the property to make sure it’s in perfect order and will doubtless have more recommendations. Thinking of staging? You can opt to do it yourself or hire a staging company to do the job for you.

Note that there are disclosures and inspections that you need to fulfill before listing your property for sale. Our knowledge and experience in legal procedures are within your disposal in this step of the process.

It’s Showtime

Let us take care of presenting your property to prospective homebuyers so they can openly discuss the property. Don’t worry, we aim to represent your best interests and we’ll do our best to make sure that you’ll have plenty of offers in no time.


Consider every offer.

The amounts stipulated in a buyer’s offer is not final, therefore thinking that price is the sole determining factor in choosing an offer is wrong. Consider as well the terms and conditions that come with it and whether or not the buyer has financing in place. We will help you assess and consider every proposal without letting go of your marketing position.

Negotiate Terms Fairly

A win-win agreement that benefits everyone involved is the outcome that we want. This is achieved through reasonable negotiation. Together, we will assess the pros and cons of each offer thoroughly until you arrive at the right choice.

The Agreement

It’s only after you and the buyer sign the Offer to Purchase and Contract (Form No. 2-T), or whatever appropriate contract their attorney has drafted, that it becomes a legally binding document.

All verbal agreements (counteroffers, addendums, etc.) must be written down and included in the contract, otherwise they’re not enforceable. Don’t worry; we will assist you with all the paperwork.

Stick to Your Time Frame

A timeline will be given that details every stage in the closing of the contract. It’s important for both parties to meet the requirements for smooth sailing and easier negotiations. You will be constantly updated by us so you can always be one step ahead.


Property Inspection and Appraisal

Buyers usually hire licensed property inspectors (you can opt to hire additional inspectors who specialize in a specific area) to inspect the property within the agreed timeframe. The property will also be appraised by a licensed appraiser sent by the lending institution if the agreement is conditional upon financing. This assures the lending institution that they are doing the right thing by investing in your property and that your sales price reflects your property’s value.

Commercial properties may also have other tests performed (e.g.  environmental audit and soil test) if the lender requires it.

A Clean and Clear Title

Attorneys will typically handle the closing and will also do what’s needed to assure all parties involved that your property’s title is clear of encumbrances by the date of closing, and that new ones are properly included in the title.

Make Sure All Conditions are Met

Before a contract becomes legally binding, certain contingencies or conditions must be met. This may include property inspections and appraisals, approval of financing and insurance, and a review of all significant documents.

If all conditions are successfully fulfilled and the buyer deems it satisfactory, the contingencies will be removed. However, the buyer may also request a renegotiation of the terms of contract. If the latter happens, we will help you renegotiate while still representing your best interests.

A lender’s pre-approval, approval letter, or written loan commitment is better than just a pre-qualification or lack of documentation from your buyer’s lender. We advise you to only accept buyers who have secured the aforementioned documents from their chosen lending institution.

Close of Escrow

You’ve come this far and you’re almost at the finish line. It’s time to tie up some loose ends.

  • On the day of the closing (or the day before), a final inspection is done to make sure everything is in perfect order and in the same condition as when the buyer last visited the property. It’s really just a formality. Don’t forget to terminate existing home services and utilities after the closing. A list of useful numbers will be provided.
  • Sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan. We are here to guide and help you out should a problem (or two) arise. Relax and let us smooth out these problems. Our years of experience and expertise will allow us to handle these glitches efficiently.
  • All parties involved in the closing will be provided with a settlement statement by the closing agent. It’s basically a summary of all the transactions enacted during the selling process. Both you and the buyer will sign this statement, as will the closing agent to certify its accuracy. If ever you’re not available on the day of the closing, we can make arrangements depending on the notice we receive as well as the circumstances of the situation.
  • You can choose to have the funds you’re receiving from the transaction wired to your bank account, or just have a check issued at the closing date.
  • Make sure that you have arranged all property keys and important information so you can finally give these to the lucky buyer on the day of the closing. Congratulations on the successful sale of your property!