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Simple Solutions for Common Household Concerns

Simple Solutions for Common Household Concerns


Whether you’re a new homeowner or seasoned veteran, there are certain household tasks that can sometimes leave you feeling stumped. From routine maintenance to minor repairs, the simplest things can sometimes seem downright overwhelming. We’ve untangled some of the more common household concerns so you can face them with confidence.


Perfect Your Plumbing Prowess


Every household has issues with plumbing now and then, and many times plumbing-oriented tasks can be intimidating the first time or two. However, even if you’re unfamiliar with pipes, plumber’s putty, and PVC, you can tackle some of the basics with aplomb. For instance, a clogged toilet can often be put back into working order by using staples in your pantry. As Angie’s List explains, some baking soda and vinegar can resolve most clogged toilets quickly and easily without the assistance of a professional plumber. Vinegar can also be used to lift mineral deposits from your showerhead; simply secure a plastic bag over the showerhead containing vinegar and allow it to work its magic for a few hours.


Faucets Without Proper Flow


Is your faucet in need of a new aerator? An aerator is a small, mesh screen at the place water flows through your facet, and it helps regulate water pressure, keeping the flow strong without a lot of splashing in your sink. Normally, you can simply unscrew the aerator from the end of the faucet, and if it’s stuck, you might need to use a wrench with a soft cloth between the tool and faucet to keep your faucet from getting scratched. Older faucets didn’t come equipped with aerators, so if you’re feeling handy, you can follow some step-by-step instructions to install a new faucet, which Family Handyman points out is easier than in the past.


Drywall Divots and Dings


It happens all the time in homes across America: a door is swung too far and too hard, and the result is a round divot in the drywall. Thankfully, there is an easy fix for this problem. Start by cutting a square patch of drywall bigger than the hole, leaving a layer of paper around the edge.  Then, create a matching square in the damaged wall, mud the hole, and apply your patch. After another layer of drywall mud and a bit of sanding, you’re ready to paint so it blends right in.


Stripped Out Screw Holes


Another knob-related issue can be a source of head scratching for homeowners. You might think that a stripped knob, hinge, or drawer pull means you’re going to have to live with floppy or mismatched hardware, but here is some good news: There is an easy method for repairing the stripped screw holes. Simply patch the holes with wood glue and toothpicks, and break off the toothpicks even with the wood of your drawer or cabinet. For larger holes, you can use matchsticks. Once your patch is cured, remount your hardware.


Maddening Damaged Molding


Many homeowners think their hands are tied when it comes to the trim in their home. But whether your cat sharpened her nails on your window trim, you banged into a floorboard moving furniture, or your toddler pounded the chair rail with his toy blocks, there’s no reason to keep looking at damaged pieces of trim. To fix trim molding, patch the dings with joint compound, use tape to shape your patch with the trim’s contours, let it dry, and repeat a few times. After you’ve completed these steps, sand and paint — that’s it!


Wonky Window Screens


Storms, stray balls, and falling limbs can all take a toll on window screens. Instead of having an open space inviting creepy crawlies, you can replace the screens yourself. Simply pull the rubber spline and damaged screen from your window frame, cut a new screen with a few inches to spare, and then install the new piece and pull it taught. Trim off the excess screen and you’re ready to enjoy summer breezes again.


Even a seasoned homeowner can be intimidated by certain tasks. From plumbing basics to wonky windows, there are plenty of fixes any homeowner can tackle. Next time you run up against a common household repair, face it boldly!