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Top 6 coffee shops in Raleigh, North Carolina

cups of hot coffee

We all know that Seattle is best known for its coffee shops. However, the city of Raleigh is not far behind in terms of specialty shops serving your favorite cup of Joe. Here’s a list of the best places to get your caffeine fix:

Jubala Village Coffee

Jubala Village Coffee has turned coffee making into an art form. Their locally sourced coffee beans and masterful technique in crafting their brews is an experience to be savored.

Sola Coffee Café

Serving more than just delicious handcrafted coffee, Sola Coffee Café has an extensive menu that includes sandwiches, a variety of toasts, omelets, and their famous mini-donuts. This is the perfect place to relax with friends over a cup of coffee and good food.


BREW boasts of a rotating selection from the Raleigh Coffee Company. They have all the classics like espresso and macchiato, but for the more adventurous, they have an Iced Nitro Cold Brew which, as they say, cannot be described with words.

Liquid State

Liquid State serves simply prepared coffee and espresso drinks sourced locally from Carrboro Roasters. Liquid State also has tea, wine, and beer on their menu that pair perfectly with their pastries and South African vegetarian and meat pies.


Benelux offers freshly made coffee which they roast in-house and is perfect with Belgian-style waffles. This coffee shop is unique in that it has its own cycling club that meets every Tuesday. If you’re a cyclist or just a regular coffee lover, this shop is great for taking a break and relaxing.

Sir Walter Coffee

Alongside the usual coffee house drink menu staples, Sir Walter Coffee serves an array of spiked coffee preparations and tea cocktails. If you want your coffee to have an extra kick, their one of a kind concoctions are a must try.

After a good coffee with friends or loved ones, experience a unique and awesome adventure in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC!

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