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Top Qualities People Look for in a Real Estate Agent

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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. That is why it is crucial to find the right real estate agent who will be your partner in this journey.

Here are some qualities that the best real estate agents share:

    They’re good listeners

    You’ll know an agent is a good listener if they pay attention to you and understand your wants and needs. Do they ask questions? Do they clarify points? If they do, then this is an indication of a great listener. They should also be able to act on what you tell them.

    They can communicate well

    Find an agent who keeps you regularly updated and is easy to contact. They should easily be able to tell you about prospective homes, where you stand in a negotiation, and anything else relevant to finding your dream home.

    They know the area

    Good agents know all about the area they work in. You know you’re in good hands if they have no trouble finding the best houses near your place of work, recommending the perfect place for a night out, and telling you little-known facts about the community that only someone raised there would know.

    They have a deep understanding of the market

    Good agents are up to date on the local market trends in an area of their specialization. They should be able to determine if your chosen community is in a buyer’s or a seller’s market and give you the best options for homes, taking into consideration your requirements.

    They can adapt to your needs

    In a market where conditions are always changing, it’s important to have an agent who can adapt to clients’ diverse needs. That way, they would know how to properly handle various situations. Whether a client requires a Craftsman-style home for their family or a sprawling mansion on the mountainside, this agent will be able to expertly accommodate these.

    They have a wide network of connections

    An agent with a wide network of contacts is willing to work with others to make sure the client’s needs are met. They should be able to refer trustworthy people relevant to your real estate goals from mortgage lenders to professional photographers. That way, you save precious time because you don’t have to look for one yourself. The more connections the agent has, the faster you can get things done.

    They aren’t afraid to provide references

    Happy clients are an indication of a reliable agent. Ask for feedback from some of their past clients, know how they do their work. Consider it a red flag if the agent can’t give you any references. Or do a quick search on Yelp.

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