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Unique experiences and destinations in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA downtown skyline
Experience something different in Raleigh (above), Durham, and Chapel Hill

Want to avoid the common tourist traps in the Research Triangle area? Then check out these little-known but fascinating destinations:


  • Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky
    The North Carolina Museum of Art has a surprise hidden round back. Created by artist Chris Drury, the Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky is a squat, circular hut that serves as an oversized camera obscura for the firmament.
  • Joel Lane House Museum
    For a man known as the “Father of Raleigh,” little is known about John Lane. He sold the land where Raleigh lies to North Carolina, but no one knows quite why. Moreover, not a single photo of the man can be found. The only testament to his existence is his 250-year-old home in downtown Raleigh.


  • Duke Lemur Center
    Duke University is home to the world’s largest sanctuary for lemurs. Lemurs are the only simians that hibernate, and researchers believe that this survival mechanism might be replicated in humans to prolong our lifespan.
  • V & E Simonetti Historic Tuba Collection
    Accumulated over 50 years, this collection features nearly 300 tubas dating as far back as the 1910s. Founder Vincent Simonetti is a true connoisseur of brass instruments, as his collection also has saxhorns, euphoniums, and sousaphones.


  • The Carolina Basketball Museum
    Located in the University of North Carolina, this museum charts the history of the university’s storied basketball program. It features a wide variety of exhibits, displays, photographs, and artifacts related to the much-loved sport.
  • Gimghoul Castle

  • Formerly called Hippol Castle, this structure is said to be haunted by the spirit of one Peter Dromgoole, who died in a duel fought in the name of love. There are also whispers that the castle is associated with a secret society called the Order of the Gimghoul.

Indeed, the cities comprising Research Triangle Park are filled with interesting destinations off the beaten track. If you want to be part of this exciting and interesting area, browse the website for housing options. For inquiries, call Matt Peedin at 919-210-8388 or mattpeedin(at)kw(dotted)com.